My baby got hit by a car and they took off - Surgery needed for Scarlett


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My dog got hit by a car on Tuesday around midnight.

I got a call from my a neighbor saying that my dog was laying out on someones lawn but couldn't walk - she had been hit by a car.

Because she also bit someone that tried helping her right after she was hit - the city has been involved - which puts extra weight on me.

Scarlett had two bone fractures on her pelvic bone, and each hip has a fracture in the socket part - which is one of the worst types of breaks - her estimated cost for the surgery is $9,000.

I am a full time student - double majoring and transfering to Pomona State next Fall - and I work part time at my school - I HAVE SPENT EVERY LAST PENNY ON HER DOCTOR VISITS.

I am asking for anyone's help - anything will be greatly appreciated - I am desperate as far as what to do for her - any tips / information is also greatly appreciated - she is a full bred siberian husky - only 2 years old and I REALLY do not want to put her to sleep for this - I am sooooo heart broken right now ...please help

thank you and god bless.

you can see her on

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any word on scarlett?

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not sure if this can help or not, but offers a credit line for vet may help you financially