Chihuahua Veterinarian


Barked: Sun Dec 16, '07 7:43pm PST 
Hi, I am new to owning a Chihuahua. I have followed Hazel's breeder's guidelines on feeding to the letter. I took Hazel to her first check up at a new vet and she discouraged me from feeding her as her breeder recommends. I was not sure that the Vet had specific knowledge of this small breed and was wondering if anyone has a Veterinarian in Clackamas/Gladstone/Milwaukie/Oregon City area that they hold in high regard? I am looking for one who is skilled with small dogs such as Hazel. Her breeder has dealt with this breed for years and seems so knowledgable that I was discouraged with the new vet. Thank you for any suggestions! -- Warmly, Shannon