First Thread


Devil Dog
Barked: Fri Dec 14, '07 6:00pm PST 
Hi-thought I would be the first to make a post. I'm a rat-cha, though I look a lot more like a rat terrier than a chihuahua. But supposedly I do have chihuahua in me.

Will you be my- Katie Couric?
Barked: Thu Oct 9, '08 9:40pm PST 
me and my brother look like the total hybrid of rat terrier and chihuahua for now. people think we look like minature jack russell hybrids.

Coco loco!
Barked: Sat Jan 24, '09 12:24pm PST 
My ears are big and my face looks just like a rat terrier, but my hair, hair color and height are just like a chihuahua.