unfamiliar dog issues


Barked: Mon Dec 3, '07 8:36am PST 
Do any of you have problems with your Akita's aggressive behavior toward unfamiliar dogs?

Kiss Kiss
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 4:01am PST 
Hi Akitas! Tula had a rough start to life - not being socialized or trained. When she even smells another dog around, her excitability can quickly go over threshold(lunging, standing on hind legs, hackles). Through Clicker training and Reactive Dog classes, I've learned how to manage and recognize when she's escalating to teach/redirect her to more appropriate, calming behaviors. It's alot of time/work, we're still not completely there-but, huge progress has been made. Set your goals small, recognize situations that your dog can handle or not, and always carry chickensmile

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Barked: Sun Jul 5, '09 8:40am PST 
I have strangely not had that issue. Sabre wants to meet every dog he sees. I was the nervous one at first, especially when a neighbor dog got loose and came into our yard. Sabre did great! Now his wanting to meet every dog has caused problems, for instance his obedience class was torture because of the no contact rules. Sabre was young then and would get so frustrated not being able to meet the other dogs that he would take it out on me, jumping and nipping at me and tugging on the leash. We stuck it out though. He actually whines when he sees them. And he doesn't like barking dogs, tries to avoid them. Strange Akita. I'm happy though to have this issue and not the other.


Barked: Sun Oct 2, '11 9:54am PST 
Not sure if it is aggressive behavior or just bad behavior. My boy Xuka is always curious to meet new dogs but seems to want to see if he dominate (body-block/nudge/etc) without barking or showing teeth. I remove him from the situation to ensure it's not escalated to actual aggression. I have a hard time to training him how proper doggie introductions are but he's is so stubborn and can be so fixated on something that he is interested. He does not try to be dominating at home because I always keep him in check but Akita's have their unique loyalty to their owner.
Everyday is an adventure to cracking this case my boy Xuka.

Xuka's Momma