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Dog Food


little bullet
Barked: Wed Nov 28, '07 1:37pm PST 
I have a new Yorkie puppy and would like to know what other Yorkies are eating. I hear Royal Canin and Eukanaba are good but are they? I would like to know your input.

Escape Artist
Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 11:24am PST 
We used Eukanuba for our little guy, and use the Yorkie variety from them, as an adult. Eukanuba was all he would eat, and refused anything else, as a puppy. As he has gotten older, he will try new things, but his favorite is still the Eukanuba.

Clown Dog
Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 7:23am PST 
i used eukanuba 26 years ago. i don't think a lot of the commercial dog food is good quality. my dogs are Raw. and if i ever switch, they will go to home made. my 2nd yorkie lived 18 years on home made food. Find a holistic vet or get a good book on home made dog food to balance correctly. dr. pitcarn is the one i used. a good site to review various foods would be
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