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The #1 suspect- for squeaky toy- murders.
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 3:05pm PST 
I am 15 and I am competing with Kenai in agility, tracking, and we're working on show. Marley is an aglity, and Maili'i is an agility. Wish us luck! We're competing against pros next week!
Jackson RA

If it's not- movin's, I'm not- chasin' it.
Barked: Sun Nov 2, '08 7:01am PST 
I am 17. I show Jackson in conformation. Breed and in Juniors. Soon in agility. I also show Kailey in Juiors and soon in obedience and rally.

I Survived- Pancreatic- Cancer!
Barked: Wed Dec 3, '08 8:19pm PST 
16 and Shadow will be doing agility once he is better! He had pancreatic cancer but is in remission and we are building his strength up with food, meds, and walks. Once he is back to his normal wonderful self we will be competing! He used to LOVE agility! big grin

☼Annie- ☼

Tricks bring me,- Mama, and all- else joy!
Barked: Sat Dec 13, '08 2:38pm PST 
I'm 13 and I consider just training Annie a sport. I'm basicly addicted to it.

What I REALLY consider a sport is when I train Annie in ways of the Seeing Eye dogs. We walk around the whole neighborhood and I have my eyes closed the whole time! She leads me out of dangers and only crosses roads when its safe. I'm still working on the stopping at bumps and stuff, but it's getting there.

Puggle loves!
Annie and her trainerpuppy
StarBuck- a.k.a. Buck - CDX,CGC

My Chocolate- Chip in the- Cookie of Life!
Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 7:04pm PST 
Hello! I am 12! I do some Rally and Agility but my main event that I do with Buck is Conformation!!!!!!!!!!!cheer
StarBuck- a.k.a. Buck - CDX,CGC

My Chocolate- Chip in the- Cookie of Life!
Barked: Sun Jul 12, '09 2:26pm PST 
Buck has passed the CGC test and is an Service Dog.He has his RAE Title and earned his first point in Conformation!happy dance

I sure do love- walks &- treats!!! :D :D
Barked: Thu Oct 1, '09 4:01am PST 
I'm 13 and Jet got his agility set yesterday which means he's going to start agility!
Ginger v- Endrefalva- BH, VPG2

Miss Nuts, Minjy- etc.
Barked: Wed May 18, '11 2:41pm PST 
Hi, my name is Mica, and I'm 15. I do multiple sports, which means it takes longer to earn titles, but I love every sport I train and Compete in, anyway here's the list:
Holly CGC the Beagle: Rally & Agility
CH Taiko & CH Zoomy the Curly Coated Retirevers I co-own: Jr.showmanship & conformation. Me and Taiko are going to Orlando FL this December to compete in the AKC Eukaunba National Championship.
And Ginger, BH, TR1, OB1, VPG2: Ginger is my main competition dog, and my favorite, because she's the only dog I have full ownership of. We compete in Schutzhund, which is our main sport, it originated from Germany, where it was created to test the temperament & working ability of the dog, and to get a title, you have to get a score of 70 or higher in Tracking, Obedience, and Protection, all in one day. Then on the side she does Rally, Obedience and Agility. Me and Ginger will be competing at the AKC National Junior Obedience Competition this year too! I can't wait!dog
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