animal abuse prayer chain!

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Barked: Tue Nov 20, '07 9:41am PST 
dear lord,
lord our mighty GOD , of all human and animal that u will stop these people abusing our dogs,cats,puppys,kittens,and other animals! it is very hard for us to see a animal or a video with an animal hurt its like seeing one of our loved pups or kitten hurt! we have a demand on this abuse we are sorry for all of the sins we have done in this world just please remind those people doing animal abuse remind them that ......... this animal cant protect them self u can only!! and that this animal loves u but what are u doing to it? what are u ruining? a dogs life or a kittens what are u throwing away? a life a loving animal whats wrong with u? U ARE STUPID LAZY @$$ PEOPLE WHO ARE MEAN AND CRUAL SO PUT ANIMAL ABUSE AWAY AND SAVE THE DAY!!!!!

cry im sorry for the dog who was trying to give birth to babies here upper lip was cut off nose,lip,beak which leads to the mouth cut off it was just a bottom lip cry

if u read this.. please pray for uscry