Hello fellow pug lovers!!


Barked: Thu Nov 15, '07 4:56pm PST 
Hello everyone! My name is Jack and I am a two year old pug from Lawrenceville, GA. I snore. I grunt. I am very stubborn. I am spoiled. I do what I please, but I am simply irrestiable! My owners and everyone around me love me very much! I am a very active pug because I love to go on runs and play with big dogs and chase the tennis ball and frisbee. I think I am a big dog trapped in a little dog's body. I love to go on trips and explore with my owners. We love traveling so much that my owner even made a blog all about pet friendly places in and around the North Georgia area. She posts a lot of pictures of me and my sister Lilly who is a German Shepherd. Pugfest 2007 which was hosted in Lawrenceville, GA is even on the blog. Go check it out and see all of the neat places that I have gone to all over the state of Georgia. Thanks!
URL: http://www.gais4doglovers.blogspot.com