Im Jazzy!

Jazzy (:

Rockin Your- World!
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '07 7:50am PST 
Hi gang!
First of all I'd like to say Hi to the group since I'm new here..and tell you a bit about me.
I'm Jazzy, my mommy's name is Natalie and she is 13. She runs me in Obedience and we are just now going into agility. With that in mind I was wondering if anyone did any obedience or agility at TDTC or Companion?
I go to TDTC and I have many friends that go to Companion. My sisters (that are not my littermates) are Anna and Rose, a sheltie and a pomeranian. They have a profile on Dogster but they aren't in this group yet.
My littermate is Kenzie...she also has a profile on dogster and we talk ALL the time..she also goes to TDTC.
I also wanted to let anyone of you shelties..if there are any in this group..that I have a group call We ♥ Shelties..and if you'd like to join fell welcome too!
Well that's it for now!
*dog hugs*