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Barked: Tue Nov 13, '07 5:26pm PST 
snoopy i dont know why piper shakes sooo much. is it , she is cold? and why she barks soo much? we play and take her on walks and i think it started when we got our other dog conan. is she mad at us? she plays with him and even shares food... dose your rat terrier do this crazey bark n shake?
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Barked: Tue Nov 20, '07 1:34pm PST 
I hope you will not take offense to what I am about to say. In Arthur's case he shakes and barks because he is a spoiled brat and wants things his own way. Not that Piper is spoiled (yeah right). Arthur does shake if he has to go out and I am not paying attention but mostly he pulls shaking when I am leaving him home alone or if I want him to do something he doesn't want to do, like behave. He does love being under a blanket or throw so Piper could be cold? The barking is difficult, he hates anyone or anything outside the house. He realllly hates other animals or kids riding their bikes or roller skating or having any kind of fun. He barks if he hears that high pitched cat sound on tv. He barks if he wants something, I feed him at 6:00 pm but if it is 6:10 I start to hear about it. He is VERYdemanding. The funny thing is I really don't even care, I love him so damn much that I pretty much laugh at his horrible behavior, he does everything so cute I can't even get mad. Which is why I take full responsibility for his being one of the most spoiled dogs on the planet and even thought it makes my life harder, I want him to be as happy as I can possibly make him for whatever time he has with me. Hope this helps. Lisa

Barked: Tue Oct 18, '11 8:19pm PST 
mayce shakes alot too over nothing its a small dog attention getter my mini dachshund does it too.