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Ramming Speed!
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '07 9:12pm PST 
We didnt lose to Pittsburgh guys - we came within one kick of beating them when nobody thought we'd even be in the game. *And* we still have a winning season, and are second in our division. This week we moved from 'somewhere underground' to 9th best team in the NFL on the list in the Sports Weekly from USA Today.


And mom and dad came back from Cleveland with all kinds of pictures and stories. Mom said the fans in the Dawg Pound were very nice and she could too have worn her 12th man. everyone was wonderful cool, Big Dawg and Dawg Pound Mike took pictures - and when a couple of Seattle fans came to ask if it was ok to have their picture taken, everyone was dancing around trying to make sure it would be nice, and mom finally handed over her favorites souvenir and said "guys, I am sure there is at least one thing that we can all agree on" - they took a look - and had their pictures taken smiling and yelling and waving mom's "Pittsburgh still sucks!" t-shirt to the camera .

Mom says the Cleveland fans were ever so nice - and when she said hello to the Bone Lady, BL said "when you go home, say hello to Mr and Mrs Hawk at the next game - I sat with them when I visited Seattle and we are friends!"

Even better, it was a game to the last second, and Dad's Brownies won. Mama said she doesnt even mind that - The Browns needed the win more, it made sure that even with a loss to PB we would stll have a winning record, and "it's not like it's going to hurt our playoff chances with the clowns in our division." It was a perfect trip, and they came home with lots of stuff - mom made dad go to the pro shop at the stadium and buy stuff. Dad says there was so much stuff it was hard to choose - not like here where it is impossible to find. And then they came home and looked at the little stadium model and found their seats and marked it with a white spot smile

Glad to be home - all of you keep your noses in the air - our Brownies are winning, 2nd in division, and darned near beat the Squealies - which is more than most teams have been able to do!!