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Barked: Mon Nov 12, '07 5:48am PST 
Am I the only person who freaked out at that site? They're practically brain washing the kids and man they're good at it!

They give out nice facts that would make a kid go "WOW" then suddenly tell them to do this and that. Since a child easily says yes when he/she gets excited, eventually they'll go running to their parents and say stuff about PeTA and how they're so awesome. They're against dissection, the zoo, the circus, the class pet, the egg hatching thingy and so on and so forth.

Their games make me laugh. XD So awkward.

However, I want to get one of those love me don't eat me mugs... XDDD The logo looks cute and I'll go "MWAHHAHA! I'm drinking your brain! TAKE THAT PETA!" while I'm drinking hot chocolate lol. (But no I won't buy it.) They even have it as a thong. O.o... O...k...

They're even selling toys, well they do look interesting but I'm afraid what those talking animals might say. XDDDD

Along with this... Isn't it that PeTA's leader is against pitbulls? x.x

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Not only their president (Ingrid Newkirk), but the organization itself... PETA supports euthanization of all "pitbulls" and a total ban on breeding, thus aiming for the complete elimination of the breed(s).
You can read a letter from Ms. Newkirk, writing for PETA on the San Francisco Chronicle's "SF Gate" website, here:
Controlling an animal as deadly as a weapon by Ingrid Newkirk
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I'm a junior handler, and I hate PETA. ** is sick.** Its like brainwashing!

I'm vegetarian, as I believe that the condition the animals are kept in are wrong. Plus it is better for the environment to be vegetarian. wink I came across these decision on my own, not because I was brainwashed by PETA or slaughter videos on YouTube. I just though it was yucky to eat animals, and as I grew older I had new reasons for being veggie. I learned about the environment factor, and that was a reason. Then, later, when I was older, I learned about the conditions the animals are kept in-- too small cages, etc.

I did this all on my own. Not through stupid PETA or anything, but through friends, doctors, people who I looked up to, and good, trustworthy websites.