Did you say- cuddles mum?- Yay! I luv you!
Barked: Sun Nov 11, '07 2:39am PST 
Welcome to our group. I hope you enjoy your visit here. But as this is a new room I am calling on anyone to make the first post... Please, feel free to post a message about any topic you wish... as long as it is PET related, dog, cat, bird, rabbit, fish etc... but please keep the content clean. Remember, we do have young readers on this board, so bare that in mind when posting. Thank you.

I don't care for- a cuddle!
Barked: Tue Nov 13, '07 4:42am PST 
Hi Gemma and thanks for the invite! My mom once had an Australian Shepherd - does that count!!!??? She was a tri colored with just a little brown and sometimes got mistaken for a Border Collie. Anyhoo, peace to all creatures and EVERYBODY SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!!!
The Mack man

I'm a Rottweiler- and VERY Calm !
Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 9:50am PST 
Hi I just Joined and My name is Rottie I hope I will have a dog gone good time here
I is from texas!


Mitzi-Mitzi Moo- 'trouble on 4- legs'
Barked: Sun May 3, '09 9:10pm PST 
are you guys still out there, I am new to this site and would love to chat