"~* This years Caring and Sharing 07 Contest has now started!*~"

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The first thing you have to do is something Caring or Sharing for people or animail’s in your commuity. (Like take your dog or cat to a Nureing Home, Do something for your local Humane Society or Soup Kitchen, Etc.) There are endless things you can do!

The second part is take a great picture of what you do and put a great description/ caption with it. It can be with just your cat or dog or you and your cat or dog.

Deadline is December 26, 2007 at Midnight so complete and post your contest entry by then.

Limit 2 Photos per dog or cat! They can be of the same thing, or something differnt. (If you have any questions just ask.)

Tag Your Photo's: Caring and Sharing 07


1. Mr. NuNu


3.Roxie ♥ Doxie




The Douglas Sisters are donating great Gift Baskets to each 1st, 2ed, & 3rd place winner’s.

The Douglas Sisters are donating 5 Rosettes, 1 Zealie, & 5000 bone’s to 1st, 3 Rosettes, & 3000 bone’s to 2ed, & 1 Rosette, & 1000 bone’s to 3rd.

Mr. NuNu is donating a $10 zealie package, and stars and rosettes as needed.

Kipopo is donating a $20 Petsmart Gift Certificate to 1st place, a $15.00 Petsmart G.C. to 2nd place, and a $10.00 Petsmart G.C. to 3rd place.

Loomis and Family is donating a 40 Zealie package to the Winner.

Leroy is donating a Star to the Frist Place winner.

♥Jessi Fuzzball♥ is donating 5 Stars.

Sienna, NPC, CGC is donating a Basket to the Winner.

♥Gabi♥ is donating a Star to 1st Place, 3 Rosettes to 2nd Place, & 2 rosettes to 3rd Place.

♥Annie♥ is donating a Star to the First Place Winner!

Penny -My Angel 1987-2005 is donating a Star for the 1st Place Winner.

Bailey,NPC is donating 10 Rossetes.

Toulouse a Catster is donating 20 Zealies.

*~*Abby*~* is donating Some Rossetes, and a New Gift to 2ed place.

Peaches is donating hand crafted necklace's to the top 3 winners.

Nugget CGC Nugget and Daisy Mae are donateing a gift basket of goodies to a winner.

Mi Ty Chi Chen (Ty) is donateing a Spi-Dog, it is the Spiderman version of the I-dog, speakers for mp3 players.

Timber, Tina, Little Bit, Buck and Molly are donateing Stars & Rosstes.

Eli will be donateing a pawtographed copy of the book "Pocket Pups", which has several pictures of him in it, and a gold-coated Milkbone biscuit to the first prize winner.

sadie (CPE),(BBB),&(UPD) is donateing some of my cookies from her bakery to the winners a variaty pack to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Her Bakery: http://www.k9crusaders.com/sammisbarkboutique/cook.htm

Harley & Electra are donating a star!

The Christmas Club is donating a Star; and rosie; for 1st place, a Themed Rosette; for 2nd .

roscoe is donating a 10 Stars!

Shiloh Will be donateing $25.00 to the shelter or rescue organization of the winners choice.

Farrah ♥12/97-3/06 is donating a Star or a Special Gift to the winner!

Brandy ....In is donating a Star to the Winner! He will also donate doing up special pages for the top 3 if they need or would like a new page done.

Fred Gone Too Soon is donateing a woodburned Plaque to the winner!

Jubilee a Caster is donating a star!

Baby is donateing 2 stars and a special new gift!

Cashew ♪ is donating 10 rosettes/zealies to the winner, 6 rosettes to 2nd, and 4 rosettes to 3rd!!!

Sarge & Rocky are each donateing a $10.00 zealie package!

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