Some kind of sad news about J.O.N.A.S.


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Barked: Tue Nov 6, '07 5:38pm PST 
It sounds a little stupid. Not to be rude (I mean I do love the Jonas Brothers) but I read in J-14 that it is about a "boy band" and their fans dont realize that they are also secret agents.

I think we will just have to wait intill it come out (in early '08) to truely judge it
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Barked: Fri Nov 23, '07 10:12am PST 
I will probably watch the 1st episode to see what it is like

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Barked: Fri Nov 23, '07 10:14am PST 
me too (with my mommy of course)!


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Barked: Mon Dec 10, '07 8:10pm PST 
I THINK IT SOUNDS COOL! Just imagine, you know how Joe is so funny and stuff. Well its gonna be HILARIOUS!laugh out loudwinksnoopydogdog


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Barked: Sun Jan 13, '08 4:30pm PST 
I don't really care i love the jonas brothers it's impossible for me to not like them

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Barked: Mon Jan 14, '08 2:19pm PST 
BOL Sammy big laugh

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Barked: Sat Mar 15, '08 5:38am PST 
i know all about it.

there is a new tv series starring the jonas brothers. it is called J.O.N.A.S. it stars them PLAYING as spys but are rockstars. (same thing as hannah montana, except they are rockstars in life, and secret agents in secret life) and WRONG it isnt in early 08 it is coming out AFTER there movie camp rock, so maybe july or august.

thats a TRUE fan for ya.

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Barked: Sun Jun 8, '08 6:35am PST 
Yea,my mom is a Jonas Brother fanatic,and if ya wanna know anything about J.O.N.A.S you can ask dog