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Chilliman (adopted!)

Adopt a rescue- pup!
Barked: Sat Nov 3, '07 9:38pm PST 
I am.
Most people overlook seniors cause they want cute little puppies. Someday you'll be a senior too if you aren't all ready. I agree, puppies are cute and sweet, but who said seniors pups aren't?
Right now I'm in Cabo San Lucas, but I'll be coming up to Calgary soon to find a forever home of my very own!
I was found on a beach in Cabo San Lucas, and my rescuers don't know how long I had been on my own. I need to gain some weight and have some good food, but with a few days of TLC I've been coming around very well. I'm about 9-years-young and am the sweetest guy you could ever meet. The volunteers say that when you look into my eyes, you can tell that I have so much love to give and I really can't wait to have a family that'll love me and that I can love back.
Now, I have a very special wish that I hope I can tell you about, and the volunteers say that they really believe in their heart it'll come true. All my life, I've been hearing about "Navidad" (I think it's Christmas up there in Canada? Let me tell you, I'm a smart guy and am catching on to this bilingual thing fast). Some other doggies have told me that on Christmas morning, they wake up and run downstairs with their family and there's presents under the tree! I don't know why I've never gotten to share Christmas with a family, but I hear it's pretty special. My dream is to have a family to wake up with on Christmas morning and see if this Christmas tree story really is true, to share the day with them, and snuggle up by the fire with them as we drift off to sleep that evening.
Do you know if Navidad is really true? Won't you show me what it's like to be part of a family?