Waggers DOTM!


Barked: Thu Nov 1, '07 3:03pm PST 
Each month ♥Waggers♥ will be having a 'Dog of the Month' contest.
What exacty is this contest? Hmm,
The Waggers DOTM contest is a contest to see who is the most active member of the group!
I will look at how many times you post and how active you are in the group.
Also it can come down to who can recruit the most Waggers!
(Get the most pups to join, the more the pups, the more the fun!)

Prizes for DOTM:
An Animated Picture.
1000 Bones.
A Rosette
A Rainbow Star
A DOTM picture.
A Waggers membership card.

Hope you all participate!
Gd'Luck to all!


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