Doggie Discrimination


Barked: Tue Oct 30, '07 10:58am PST 
I am sooooo tired of doggie discrimintaion, and you know exactly what I mean. Small dogs can go into stores that post "No Dogs Allowed" because they are in their owner's arms. So you mean to tell me, if I pick up my 90 pound Doberman and carry him around the store, or put him in the shopping cart (like I've seen little dogs in), then the store owner and everyone else would think this is acceptable? My guess is not. Therefore, it is doggie discrimination and it truly annoys me. I do not want to walk into WaWa where I buy food and have someone's little dog's germs on the food I am about to consume. Now, don't get me wrong, I love dogs of all sizes. All I am saying is that I am tired of the double standard. Shopping in Rittenhouse Square is the same way. You mean to tell me if I carried my boy, I could shop in an expensive boutique with him? Thoughts?

Barked: Fri Dec 21, '07 8:29am PST 
I see how you are frustrated. I think all dogs ****who can behave ***should be allowed in. I was recently in Germany, and there were wonderfully behaved dogs lying at the foot of the table INSIDE restaurants. The watresses even brought over water bowls for them. they weren't crawling on tables, chairs and certainly weren't in the kitchen, so I think it was perfectly sanitary.

I must admit, I do often bring my dog into stores in a bag under my arm (in a mesh carrier). I am sure it's not allowed at all -and do it when I have to run in somewhere quickly. I figure by the time they tell me he's not allowed in, I'll be done with my errand. The thing is, I work during the day, and feel I should spend as much time as possible with the little guy, therefore sometimes take him on a few errands with me. Don't get me wrong, I won't bring him in a restaurant because I know he'd eventually weasel his way out of his carrier. At his young age, he's too much of a handful, and needs to be kept under my arm. And I wouldn't bring him into a supermarket, as there is fresh food on display and I understand that some would find it offensive that I bring an animal in there.

just my thoughts....

I pee, therefore- I am.
Barked: Fri Mar 21, '08 4:16pm PST 
We need a way to prove we are good dogs. I get by some places because I wear my therapy dog tag all of time. There should be a way to get certified for being a good, calm, non-peeing dog. Being little does not mean you know how to behave, but being big means if you don't you cause more damage I guess.