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Barked: Thu Apr 10, '14 9:44pm PST 
Hi, Plateywavebig hug

It's only like three inches long and you can refill it with nip
It's great fun to throw up n the air and carry aroundsmile

Beatrice is home- to stay
Barked: Sun Apr 13, '14 1:16pm PST 
Now that I am getting a little thinner and a lot more active, I am playing more with Tony and with toys. That toy sounds great!! I really like finding a stray Breeze pellet and pretending it is an insect, then I throw it in the air and spring on it. Today I jumped off the ground with all 4 feet! When I first got here I didn't jump at all and I was really slow, but you should see me run up those stairs now, and I can get up on everything. My motto is "anything Tony can do I will do", and I am getting very athletic. I don't know how much weight I have lost but I am obviously less tubby, and I feel better all the time.

I'm going to suggest to mommy that she get me one of those neat toys with the catnip inside to celebrate my success so far.

Barked: Wed Apr 16, '14 12:57am PST 
I am so glad you're feeling better and are more playful
You might have your Mommy check the grocery store in the pet food aisle, they might have some in with thew kitty toyssnoopysnoopysnoopy

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Barked: Wed Apr 16, '14 3:00pm PST 
Playing with active toys keeps us trim... *holds in tummy...* red face

Sweetest Little- Kitty Ever
Barked: Wed Apr 16, '14 6:25pm PST 
You have a cute tummy, Platey!
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