In memory of Natividad, killed in the name of "art", please sign the petition

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Dear friends, this is a crosspost from a thread in Plus Friendly, please read it and sign the petition.

A dog tied with a rope, skinny to death. The "intellectual" people eat and drink in front of him because "the sense" of the "artwork" is to make the dog die by hunger and watch him die. And don't even try to get near the "artwork" because you'll be sent away (as if you have tried to destroy La Pieta by Michelangelo). This happened at the Bienal Costarricense de Artes Visuales (Bienarte) 2007, and the murderer (I refuse to call him "artist" is called Guillermo Habacuc Vargas. He won the admittance to the next Bienal, that should be held in Honduras next year. The dog died, and next year there will be another dog in the same conditions.

Please sign the petition because this atrocity made a dog die in the name of "art", and another is going to die next year.

When you are signing there are two fields that say:

Ciudad/Localidad: this means city

Pais: this means country

If you need more help, please just let me know

The name of the poor dog was Natividad ( means Christmas), she (it was a girl I presume since Natividad is a girl's name) was captured in a very poor neighbourhood of Managua (Honduras) and the murdered payed some persons? for her capture.

This is written in the petition page.

Please join me in lighting a candle for her at

Acording to the nicaraguan newspaper the dog called Natividad died by starvation. As part of the "artwork", in the wall where the dog was tied there was written using food for dog "you are what you read" . The murderer said it was a tribute to Natividad Canda.
So I googled "Natividad Canda" and I found out that it was a man killed by 2 rottweiler after he escaped from the police.
The murderer refused to confirm the death of the dog, and the director of the museum said that they feeded the dog many times and that the doggie escaped during the night. How convenient!!!! (I don't believe her, sorry).
According to the "artist" he wanted to demonstrate how hypocrite people are, and that a dog is focus of attention when in a museum and not when he is in the streets.
The director of the museum said that this "artwork" is a social message, it's conceptual art, but it takes time to people to understand this kind of art. She also said that the "artist" dignified the dog (OMD!) taking him to a museum to represent a social reality.

I think the "artist" is just a murderer, and the director of the museum is just a person who helped him to kill the dog, that's it!

I have read also Snopes, and that undertermined does not convince me either. I believe in what the nicaraguan newspapers say, and from the declarations of the director of the museum we can see there was a dog in the exhibit. Since they (the "artist" and the director) didn't deny the death, I assume the poor doggie died (just my opinion).
Now, about the "you are what you read" written in the wall with dog food...I'm not a serial killer because I like to read thrillers, I'm not a ghost because I like to read ghost stories, I'm not a cartoon because I like to read child, I'm not what I read, I'm what I do to others. In this case he is what he did to the doggie: a murderer.

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Portos is my son, and he is at the Bridge now.
Please sign and show Natividad that there is some love left on Earth.

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Dear Chichi,

I read your posting for the first time today, went to the site you listed and signed the petition.

Thank you so much for posting it.

Hugs and loving thoughts,

Prince's mama