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I thought this would be fun, to start up a pirate story. First, I say one part of the story and then the next pup says another part. Okay, here goes:

Once, in 18th Century ___ [wherever you want] there was a huge storm and a giant gallion got washed up on the beach. A young girl name Regal Ruby Ribbon Rose who was the governor's daughter found the ship and searched it for any remains of treasure. Suddenly, she spotted something shiny on the ship, like a golden necklace. She reached out to grab it with her paw when suddenly...

[Now you continue the story. You do not need to copy the above text]

Too- fast for- you!
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... She realized it was a golden collar that was attached to a very old skeleton that was dressed like a pirate. The clothes were very fancy so Regal Ruby Ribbon Rose thought maybe he was the ship's Captain. She saw that there was a bottle in it's mouth so she slowly removed and found that there was a rolled up piece of paper inside of it. She unrolled it to discover...

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That it was actually a last will and testiment, leaving all the worldy goods of one - Reubious McWillmington to the posessor of the parchment.