afraid of the deep water


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Even though I'm a Labby, I've never been in water over my head, just in wading pools. EXCEPT for the first day I came home, when I jumped in a koi pond. Today, at almost three years old, that pond is not over my head, but it was then when I was 12 weeks old. My Man was so busy getting me out as fast as possible, before I harmed the plants and Koi. Therefore, we don't really know how good or confident a swimmer I am.

My Man says he WILL get me to water over my head this summer, and he plans to do it in a pond or lake where I can walk in, and control how deep I go myself to get acclimated. However, if I won't go in over my head voluntarily, I'm sure he will take me out there and stay with me while I swim.

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I don't like water I can't touch the bottom of. I am 5 years old now, and as much as I like the water, if I can't walk into it I just can't get into it. The beach is good, I can control and always touch. My parents don't know how good a swimmer I am either. Thankfully, we only go the beach so I haven't had to really ever swim so I am okay. I know they do have doggie life vests if your Dad isn't sure. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Hooper, what beach do you go to?