What strategies work best for dealing with airborne allergens?


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Barked: Sat Sep 29, '07 8:43am PST 
Hi all,

I have been suffering from allergens all summer long. I had to have two shots so far, but had a reaction to the second one so I am now on an oral medicine for decongestion. My mommy makes me wear booties when I am licking my feet too much (see my photo on my dogster page). What have you found to be helpful for living with airborne allergens?

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Barked: Mon Oct 27, '08 3:48pm PST 
That is a very difficult question to answer. Airborne allergies can be both indoor/outdoor or a combination of the two. You mention that you have booties on your feet. My mom has a box of hypo-allergenic pet wipes that she leaves at the back door so my feet get wiped when I come inside. If you google Malaseb wipes for dogs, you'll find a wonderful product. Mom uses Malaseb shampoo on me to help with the itching.