Godfrey's All Breed Rescue--Do not adopt ! Puggles recieved very ill !


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Barked: Tue Sep 18, '07 12:46am PST 
As alot of you know, i was supposed to get a new brother on Thursday well my mommy went to get him from the last rescue volunteers and found him to be very sick, along with his brother gizmo who we had helped find a home for. Cooper and gizmo were adopted out with pnuemonia, flea infested, ring worm, round worm, tape worm, emaciated, and very very ill. If we hadn't gotten them to a vet they would have died most liekly over the weekend all because of this rescues neglegence. They let these 13 week old puppies suffer ! Cooper medical bills are tremendous and so our his brothers, his adoptive family didnt plan for such a sick pup and neither did we --we are doing what we can. So, please be wanred about this rescue we have alerted the human society, and aithroities in that area, please pass this in and consider donating to Cooper and Gizmo so we can get them better !

More info here :
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So very sad! Poor Puggles. . . crycry