Do you like to run?


PLEASE play- fetch with me!
Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 2:57pm PST 
My Mom always takes Liberty on runs. But I usually only go on walks because I'm only 8 months old and Mom wanted to make sure I was old enough and strong enough to start running. Do you dogs like to run? How old were you when you started going?

The Lilly Bear
Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 3:37pm PST 
I started running with my mom when i was about 7-8 months old. She wanted to start getting fit but was uneasy about going by herself and i am a big girl and would never let anything happen to my mom. We started out on short runs and as i got used to it we would go a little further each time. Sometimes when we would play in the the day after a run, mom would see that maybe i might be sore so we would take a day off or just go for a walk. But once we started running together that is all i want to do. Mom can't even say the words in front of me anymore because i know what it means and i get really excited. I LOVE TO RUN!!!

Barked: Sat Dec 15, '07 4:22pm PST 
I can't remember when i started running lol, it was a long time ago. i like to run but my mommy and i haven't been going as much because she is having some problems with her heart but she is going to the doc monday big grin I [LOVE] running.


Barked: Wed Jan 16, '08 6:09am PST 
I love running! It was my old job actually I used to run in the snow with my friends! I am glad I am in Boston, where it snows! My mum and dad take me for runs all the time, but they aren't nearly as fast as I can run! We are trying to find somewhere safe in boston, where I can be let off my leash so I can run and run. It has to be fenced in though, because I get so excited when I am running, that I will run and lose my mum and dad. If you know of any places let me know so I can tell them! I miss being able to run really really fast!