check out these site!

Cadillac CGC

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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 9:04pm PST
http://www.lightacandlesavealife. com/

These are just some of the sites you can check out. Go and check your area. Make sure BSL isn't creeping up on you. The only way they pass these laws is by keeping them under the radar.

The ADBA has contact info on who to tell BSL is not the solution in place proposing it. If you find somewhere else which they don't know about, send them an email. They will try and find the info and they will post it.
Ruby Dust

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Barked: Fri Jun 5, '09 9:26am PST 
I just recently joined this site. It is very well put together and has been a joy to be involved in thus far. I'm pretty sure you will like it, too.