Help I rescued a Irish wolf hound, now what.


Barked: Sat Aug 25, '07 1:13am PST 
I rescued Lucky. I live across the street form our county animal facility and It was after hrs, around 7 pm when I noticed a dog tied up to thier fence. It was closed, Its 105 degrees outside . So I run over there and there he is tied up with a rope around his neck and in a slip knot digging into his skin. Whoever left him there left him with no water or food and the place doesnt open up till 9 am the next day.So i took him home. My intentions were to find him a nice home somewhere. Well after i fed him and gave him some water I noticed he was such a sweetheart. He is very calm , very happy and he listens well . Well needless to say Lucky is a new member to my household. Hes a wonderful Irish Wolf hound. Very good dog well mannered. I cant believe someone abandoned him like they did. Hes a very wonderful dog. A big and strong dog but a sweetheart.

Ok i havent found alot of info on this breed yet and need some advice. I am not sure of his age but hes roughly 30 inches tall.

How big will this breed get?

I have a beagle and love him to death. i really didnt want a large dog but hes grown on me.but i need some tips so I can be a good owner.

Thanks for your time

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I know this is a year late... and I hope that Lucky has integrated into your household. They're soooooo lovable.

For anyone else who find themselves in the same situation...

Google up the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust in your area. If there's not one in your area, contact someone anyway, wolfhound owners are used to going out of their way for their wolfies AND are very protective of their breed. They'll help put you in touch with someone local. Note: a standard dog rescue is not always set up to handle someone the size of a wolfhound and out of need spend focus their time and budget on smaller breeds... so reach out first to a IW rescue.