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Chiweenie ears!

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Barked: Thu Aug 23, '07 7:50pm PST 
Hi everyone...i just got a brand new baby chiweenie named Motley!!! he looks a lot more daschund then chihuahua so what i am wondering is whether or not his ears are gonna stand upright or stay cute and floppy??? they are pretty big and daschundy but ive seen so many pictures with the huge ears...ok well if anyone knows anything about chiweenie ear tendencies and about what age they should start to stick up please respond!!! thanks guys these are the cutest dogs i have ever seen!!

Barked: Sat Aug 25, '07 7:03am PST 
I've wondered this too - ours are floppy right now and I hope that doesn't change
Millie- Lucille

Barked: Sat Aug 25, '07 7:12pm PST 
Millie's ears were floppy until she was about 5 months old then they started to go up - Its like her radar she puts them up when she's checking things out! Sometimes she puts them back and she looks like a deer other times she keeps them down. Of course the first comment people make is LOOK AT THOSE EARS!!! We think she looks cute when they are up!!


Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 9:57pm PST 
They may do both! Althea's even sometimes bend forward, like Yoda. LOL

Gotta love those ears.

It's good to be- the king!
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 2:11pm PST 
My ears have always been "Airplane wings". Never all the way up,
and never all the way down- somewhere in between!

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Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 11:56am PST 
My vet told me that 1 year old is usually when your dogs ears will either go up or stay down. I don't think Chiweenie ears are set to that standard because Tues' ears will be up sometimes, down sometimes, one up and the other one down, or they will fold down in the middle. I have noticed that when Tues is scared or feeling insecure her ears will be down, I guess it just depends on her mood. One thing I can say for sure though, is that they sure can hear good with those ears, either up or down.

Cute as a- button!
Barked: Thu Oct 4, '07 10:53am PST 
My baby has had huge stick up ears since I got her, and she was a little over 2 months. They only go down, or back when shes scared! Either way, they're adorable smile

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Barked: Fri Oct 5, '07 3:20pm PST 
i've always had bat wing ears and mama just loves them!

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Barked: Sun Oct 7, '07 6:40pm PST 
Jack's ears do everything! They are up when something gets his attention, down when he is relaxed and laid back when he is running (he thinks it makes him faster)!

Good Mojo
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 5:15pm PST 
Sounds like which chiweenie is different. Mojo has small ears that stick out to the side. Montley's ears look heaviers so perhaps they'll stay in the down position. Adorable either way!

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