Hot spots


Be a Gentlemen
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '07 10:04am PST 
Morty seems to have two spots on his back that itch all the time. Keeps him and I up all night. Not sure what else to do. Talked to his vet and thought it was his food and the person who baths him said to try Omega3 vit on his food but he already gets raw eggs a few times a week. Anybody else have a solutionshrug

Barked: Fri Aug 17, '07 3:11am PST 
Yeah that question is a hard one, Tommy recently kept biting at his foot to the point where it bled and became infected. The vet said the reason he bit his foot was because it was itchy. The vet did mention about his diet and also the dog shampoo I use and also Tommys bedding. So I have Taken him off the tinned food, and am giving him home cooked food, I got some dog shampoo from the vet and have changed all his bedding. So I'll just have to see how that goes.