i'm back as good as new - i think!!!


Barked: Sat Aug 11, '07 9:38pm PST 
hi guys - it's me again walker. Mamma is currently in california but i'm resting up in the petsmart hotel nearby my home in michigan. Daddy is picking me up tomorrow - i'm not supposed to know that but we cockers can sense things and my nose is getting real sensitive!!
I just wanted to let you and your parents know that i did get surgery in the end. I had a ruptured disk and although you guys had a lot of great suggestions mamma decided the pain would not stop until we went the whole nine yards. When mamma took me in to the specialist she cried all the way home and i had to be away for the whole weekend. Mamma calls me her little poddle now 'cause where they put the iv's i have shaven front paws - just like how they groom a poodle!!! But i'll be ok and will be going to work with daddy next week!!
Yes it was expensive but mamma says i'm worth it and who cares - it's only money and i'm only 6 years old so i have a lot of life yet. When mamma gets home she's going to take a new pic. of me to post on my site so see you then.