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Barked: Tue Aug 7, '07 7:54am PST 
Maybe somebody knows somebody who can help or help contact these people.

Mason County Animal Shelter
Respond to this request at:

As I write this, there is an emergency at the Mason
County Animal Shelter, located in
Pt. Pleasant, WV. The nearest large town is

This afternoon (August 4, 2007) Michelle Rudd,
Executive Director and Stacy Hollock,
Manager of the Humane Society of Parkersburg, along
with Debbie Hines from the
Board of Directors of the Humane Society of
Parkersburg, went to the above shelter
to see what they could do.

I talked to Debbie Hines who had the only working
cell phone, and she asked me to
contact anybody and everybody, and get this out.
Michelle's and Stacy's cell phone
cannot pick up a signal down there, and Debbie's
cell phone is running out of charge
and she has no way to charge it. They are going to
try to take pictures with their
cell phones. I called WSAZ TV and they are going to
try to get out there. I called
WTAP TV and they are going to try to put out a plea
during the evening news, but
they could not get a crew down there today. I
called and left a message at the Herald-Dispatch
newspaper but did not get a return call.

Apparently, some county workers were filling in low
places around the shelter in
Pt. Pleasant, WV and the heavy equipment crushed the
sewer system.
The workers have gone home, leaving the mess.

The dogs are standing in green sludge, they are
covered with feces
and urine, blood and green sludge. Many dogs are
tied outdoors
in the direct heat of the sun.

Dogs inside the building are standing in backed up
sewer sludge. I understand there
is no clean water. Some of the dogs appear to be
near death.

The county commissioners say they don't know if they
can do anything until August 15, 2007!!!!!!! August
15, 2007????

Is there anything you can do? Please forward this
to anyone who might be able to help these animals
ASAP. Any news agencies or anyone who can move
mountains quickly. Rescue organizations are needed,
adoptions for as many
animals as possible, even foster care. Also needed
are some construction
workers who are willing to volunteer time and
equipment to go down there and
get the sewer system fixed (you may never get paid).
Use your imagination
to think of any other way to help. It was suggested
I call the Health
Department but it is the weekend and they are

If you know anyone personally who works for any
organization in the Pt. Pleasant
area that can help please contact them.

The phone number at the Mason County Shelter is:
or: 304-674-3085.