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Walker- (Angel Boy)

Barked: Sat Dec 5, '15 8:40am PST 
big hug TedEbear these are so, so beautiful! Thank you very much dancing
Dixie Angel

Dixie from- Dallas
Barked: Sat Dec 5, '15 9:19pm PST 
oh! they are pawfect. mom particularly loves the one with Toby and Jessie together, as they were brother and sister. Thank you so much for doing this.
Rebby Angel- Dreamboat- #55

Keeper of the- Calendar
Barked: Sun Dec 6, '15 2:25am PST 
These pictures are so Beautiful!!! Thank you for doing them!!! big hugbig hug


Queen of my- parents home
Barked: Sun Dec 6, '15 2:48am PST 
TedEBear you are a precious angel for making wings on the precious little ones that have left the loving arms of their family and makes the family feel so good to see their babies looking so beautiful with their lovely wings. Thank you for all your work you do to brighten someones day
♥My- Angel- Max♥

Born to play at- the doggie park
Barked: Tue Dec 15, '15 10:23am PST 
TedEBear those are beautiful angel picturescloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9 Would you pawlease make one fur me and my angel brufur jakebig hug
TedEbear In- Lღving- Memory

Barked: Fri Dec 18, '15 8:18pm PST 
little angelMax, yes,I sure will. I'm not finding a good picture of Jake though.Does your Mommy have one she can post here for me please?
Here is a temporary one for You Max, till Mommy can get another one made for you.hug

Angel Max
Edwina- (Angel Eddy)- DG#1

Big Paw
Barked: Sat Dec 19, '15 11:38am PST 
big hug eekbig hug big hug big hug
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