Toenail Help(must read!)


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Barked: Wed Aug 1, '07 4:39pm PST 
Hello all!
Here is a tip for when toenail clipping your dog. I'm not sure if it works on cats.
If you by accidentally clip your dogs toenail too short, and it keeps bleeding- put some flour in a bowl and dip your dogs toe(that is bleeding) into the flour, and the bleeding should stop. You need to still keep an eye on him, and here is another tip. Cut a thick sock in half(size depending on your dogs foot). It has to be long enough to cover about two inches of the part of the foot after the dogs pad. Stick some gauze in it, and put it over your dogs footsie. Then tie a ribbon around it to keep it on your dogs foot. Make sure it's not too tight and not too loose.