Where the heck is all the dogs!!!

Broadie- (CGC+HIC)

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Barked: Wed Jul 25, '07 4:39pm PST 
Where the heck is all the dogs!!! No mesages, or posts are in this place! So I started one!

Well, first I would like to ask how everyone is, and ask for you to tell a little about youselfs.

My name is Broadie, and my family rescues dogs, trains them and finds them permanet homes. I am here to stay, but my brother Samson is up for adoption. I love to play frisbee, and I am currently working on agiliy. Want to know more, ask.
Samson (CGC)- Found new- home!

Holy Terror
Barked: Wed Jul 25, '07 4:43pm PST 
dog My name is Samson and I am Broadie's brother. Yes, I am up for adoption. I am very fluffy, playful, and loving. I am almost finished training and am doing much better now that I am with Broadie's family. Want to know more ask.puppy

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Barked: Sun Oct 14, '07 10:12pm PST 
Hi i just joined up here .My name is Gypsy and i am 2 years old i live in Australia .i do a bit of dog dancing and flyball but i really love agility its so much fun!!!!!wave

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Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 6:46pm PST 
Hi, my mommy is not sure what kind of dog I am, but she rescues and fosters other pups, and she says I have the body type, energy, and speed of other border collies. I love to go on walks, learn new tricks, and play with my siblings. I am very smart, but I like to give my mom a hard time. smile I am stubborn and I try to use my looks to keep me out of trouble.
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Barked: Thu Apr 10, '08 3:41pm PST 
Hey there....i am new to this group. Acctually i am new to my family. I am a 2 years old (mostley) border...but some astralian shepard mix.I have had some life trama but get better everyday with the helping hand of my owners...and my youger brother Jack. He is a 2 years old weimaraner. We love to play and love to chat! blue dog