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What would you- do for a Kirby- bar?
Barked: Thu Jul 19, '07 8:41pm PST 
Hi all, I'm wondering how much you guys weigh compared to how tall you are.

Kirby is a very large Coton, but otherwise extremely correct conformationally. His height was the only thing keeping him out of the show ring. Kirby is over 13" tall.

He kept gaining weight right up to 18 months of age, and levelled out around 17 lbs. Somewhere over the course of the last year, he dropped more than two lbs and only weighs 14.9 lbs right now.

The trouble is, I don't know which weight is more correct. I have always been able to feel all his ribs, and he has always displayed the same insane athleticism. I guess it's better to be underweight than over, but 2 lbs is a pretty big descrepency for a small dog.

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Mommy just checked. She thinks I'm about 13in. and I weigh around 17 lbs too.
You look good to me.
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Have you talked to your breeder? Have you checked the FCI Standard for the Coton? That can provide you with all the details on conformation.
Technically he is still above The Standard for weight, but, that said, I do know of several Cotons who are in the 14-16 lb range. If you want him to lose more weight, you might want to increase his exercise (I know some people who actually take their dogs on their treadmill at home) and substitute dog food for fresh veggies like string beans or carrots or even plain popcorn.
Hope this helps.


What would you- do for a Kirby- bar?
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '08 10:33am PST 
Nope, Mr Kirby is a very fit dog. He hikes and visits the dog park for several hours a week. He is an agility enthusiast of over three years. He is a very good build (you can see two ribs if soaking wet, and great muscle tone), and is proportonately a very good example of a European Coton de Tulear. He's just very tall. His withers are 13" which place him up a jump height in competition. Boo urns.

His non-biological sister is on the short end. If we mixed the Holly play dough and the Kirby play dough together, and split it into two, yo uwould get two perfectly sized Coton. wink

What would you- do for a Kirby- bar?
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '08 10:41am PST 
Add, he eats all of 1/3 cup of dog food a day, and is extremely fit.

I was just looking for an idea of how much more gigantic than everyone else he is. wink He is at least an inch or two taller than each of his Coton friends (there are 6 of them).
Chloe Rose- d'Hiver

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Well the best way to know what your Coton is going to eventually grow up to be is to see his parents and grandparents. Your breeder can supply you with that info.
Of course there are Cotons who are 13" tall, and as a result are longer backed as well to go with the height. That is just Mother Nature at work.
Point is that I am assuming he was sold as pet quality because your breeder determined at 8-10 weeks of age that he was structurally larger than his siblings of both past and current litters and would not fit the FCI Standard for a potentially show/breedable quality Coton.
Of course that doesn't mean that he is not a wonderful Coton, not by any means. Most Cotons are sold as "Pet" because the breeder builds a spay/neuter clause into the contract and will only sell Potentially Breedable Cotons to other CoE breeders.
If you want to join in conversation with many other Coton owners, you should join CotonFriends, which is a YahooGroup.
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Josie was 14.5 lbs but went on Royal Canine weight management for small dogs and now weighs 12.6 lbs....I guess the standard weight is 7lbs to 14lbs....