Get rid of Vick


Can I have what- you're eating???
Barked: Wed Jul 18, '07 8:44pm PST 
My mom and dad and I want to commend AirTrain Airways for not renewing their contract with Michael Vick. I'll fly with them any day! We hope that Nike and Coke are soon to follow!

Barked: Fri Aug 10, '07 6:51am PST 
My mom and dad agree with you 100%, he doesn't deserve their endorsements.

Did someone say- Hedgehog?!
Barked: Wed Oct 10, '07 3:11pm PST 
I hope everyone who has a deal with him breaks there endorsements.

Boskolini- VanDaminator- " Bosko

Barked: Tue Jan 1, '08 3:51pm PST 
Bosko agrees with you too!!

I hope people are more aware of the dog fighting that is going on in our world today. I hope there is more people that can join together to stop the dog fighting. applause