Small Dog Meetup Group in Chapel Hill & Raleigh

Bluto, CGC

Let sleeping- dogs lie.
Barked: Mon Jul 9, '07 4:32pm PST 
Hey cuties, do you like to go to dog parks? I am trying to organize a small dogs playgroup that meets at a local dog park about once a month. I am trying to get those interested to join my yahoo group where we can post pictures from events & also post the upcoming meetups: in

I also would need you to send me your emails so I can get in touch with you when we are planning something. In the past I have gone to meetups at Homestead dog park in Chapel Hill which works out great since they have a seperate small dog play area. I also am interested in organizing some at Millbrook in Raleigh, although I have not been out there yet.

Neither of these parks require registrations, but be sure you display your rabies tag!

Hope you have an interest in this, we would love to play with you!

-Amanda & her two chis, Bluto & Nabisco

Barked: Fri Jul 10, '09 5:08pm PST 
Hey there, could you PM me a link to the yahoo group? It says the group isn't found when I copy/paste it.