recall training?


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Barked: Mon Jul 2, '07 1:18pm PST 
Hello i am fairly new to this group. I got my first
aussie about 3wks ago. I have started basic training with future plans
of discing. I have not started much disc training,just a little bit of
retrieving the disc to me. My training question is about recalling.
90% of the time when i give ace the command to come he does, but the
other 10% he doesnt listen to me. One trouble area is around new
Ace does not run from me or run out of the yard ect. he always stays
fairly close to me in the yard. He has mastered everything i have
taught him, sit and lay and bring it. I just really want a very solid

i started recalling when i first got him by running around the yard
w/him chasing me i would stop say come and reward him when he comes to me.
now i have stepped up training a little having him come to me when we
play, teaching him to come to me while chasing things ect.
we work everyday and ace is outside with my children and i all day
long( we go in for lunch, to cool down, ect)
any tips would be great

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Barked: Tue Jul 3, '07 8:47am PST 
One thing you can try, that will help keep his focus on you and (eventually) with his recall, is to get him on a long line (8-12 ft leash) and just start walking with it very loose. Let him go where he wants, and then turn away and walk in the opposite direction. Eventually you can stop turning away and just call him- if he doesn't come, then you walk away and he gets an automatic correction.