Do you have furry brothers and sisters?

Brenda the- Lion

Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 12:02am PST 
I do, I am the big sister, Iam 3 years old. I dealt with two puppy sisters at a time and that was a mess! Cocoa Bean is 2 years old now and Kirstie the lab will be 2 years next July 2nd.

I have lots of fun with Cocoa but Iam a bit afraid of Kirstie.
Pea-Nutty- 1998-2012

Forever In Our- Hearts
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 4:41pm PST 
I am 9, Sugar is 10. Bambi will turn 3 the day after Christmas. wave
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Thu Oct 18, '07 11:20am PST 
Yes I do. I have stinky butt Pepe (he's a miniature poodle aged 13) and three kitties (Sparkle, Inky and Ozzie). I am the boss of course!laugh out loudsnoopy


~7lbs. of- spoiled rotten~
Barked: Mon Oct 22, '07 4:49am PST 
I have a big brother named Scrappy(He's 5). He is also a Chi. Mommy is thinking of getting us a little sister! And she wants to get a long haired Chi this time. Mommy loves Chi's and their cuteness!

I'm- tougher than I- look.
Barked: Sun Nov 4, '07 5:48pm PST 
I'm the "only" pup in my far. I hear my humans talk about getting me a brother...they're thinking about a French Bull Dog. I think it'd be fun, but I enjoy being spoiled! wink
Cocoa Bean

Call me Stripe
Barked: Wed Nov 7, '07 5:38pm PST 
Lola Lee you will have fun with a new brother. It means you will have extra tails to chase big laugh You will find many reasons why having a bro is good, say, It is better when you want to play tag and also you can pretend the other pup is the naughty one.