Please Join Our Group


Somewhere Over- the Rainbow
Barked: Sun Jun 10, '07 5:43pm PST 
Is your name Flower, Daisy, Rose, Lilly or any other nature name? Then please feel free to join our group by following the link below. Thanks. Woof!
wave cheer way to go puppy kitty dog snoopy kitty party party hug

Barked: Fri Jul 20, '07 9:23am PST 
Hehe! This is a lovely idea for a group! Thanks for inviting me... Love Ivy xo

Princess Jazz- the Spazz
Barked: Sat Jul 28, '07 4:37pm PST 
Great idea for a group - lots of furry friends have flower names. My real name is Jasmine but Mommy calls me Jazzy. My sister's name is Lily!

Wee Rose

Sweet Kisses`
Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 10:36pm PST 
Hello Everyone! I luv the name of your group, and my name is Wee Rose, I think that flowers are the prettiest things, in the world.
What does your group especially like to do when you get together, clue me in please. Hugs, Wee Rose

Snazzy Jazzy~
Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 10:42pm PST 
I do believe all of the good pals of this group done gone to bed, Wee Rose, maybe wee and Mee best come back tomorrow, But I do enjoy a good stroll with the flower power pals,
hugs Jazzy