Summertime with your Golden

Gracie Lou

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Barked: Sun Jun 10, '07 8:38am PST 
dog Anyone planning to do anything special with their Golden this summer? Going away someplace dog-friendly? Where?
Here's the place to share some information and tips, safety-wise and fun-wise, with other Golden owners.
Gracie Lou

I'm a People- Person!
Barked: Sun Jun 10, '07 8:45am PST 
I don't have many travel plans for this summer. I have a week off from work at the end of June but I'm not sure what I'm doing, or if Gracie gets to come along.
I really want to take Gracie to the beach. She's never been and from what I've seen in pictures, it appears that Goldens love the ocean.
Gracie has only been in small manmade, suburbanlakes and creeks and wading pools. She loves the water, like retrievers do, but she's never gotten a chance to actually doggy-paddle; the water has never been deep enough to allow all four paws to work their magic. Does anyone know of any great summertime water places?
One place I took Gracie was Great Falls, VA which is dog friendly for leashed pets. We stumbled upon a lagoon of sorts that emptied out into the Potomac River. It wasn't deep enough to submerge her legs even, but she had so much fun splashing around with me.
I want her to get the sensation of actually swimming. I'm sure she would be scared at first, but then she would love it.

Everybody's Best- Buddy
Barked: Mon Jun 25, '07 8:06am PST 
Since we live in Virginia Beach, we take Buddy to the beach quite often. And he LOVES it! Of course, he loves to retrieve his floating toy from the water. Buddy loves swimming so much, we have to make him come out of the water and rest. And when he's out of the water, he's usually digging in the sand. Sometimes, he down lays on his side and digs that way. Most of the public beaches around her do not allow dogs from May to mid October, but First Landing State Park allows dogs on their beach year round. It is located at the mouth of the Cheseapeake Bay, so the waves aren't too rough. If you can get your golden in the water, do so, they love it so much!

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Gracie Lou

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cheer yay for Buddy who actually gets to go swimming! Gracie is mighty jealous. i'm going to buy her one of those hard-plastic wading pools to keep her occupied until i can actually get her to the beach. thanks for the name of a beach that allows dogs year-round. that is very helpful.