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I'm not lazy. - I'm energy- efficient!
Barked: Fri Jun 8, '07 11:58am PST 
Welcome to IT'S A HUSKY THING! Please take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us something special about you. We are a tight pack around here and we all want to know you! Please include your birthdate or adoption date so we can all celebrate when it rolls around! Again, a big husky WELCOME! Arrooo! snoopy
Sasha Belle

Bring Blue- Home!!
Barked: Sun Jun 10, '07 4:31pm PST 
I'm not new to dogster but I am new to this group so I will reintroduce myself to those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting me yet. My name is Sasha Belle and I am a princess. I am 8 yrs old and my birthday is Febuary 22. My mommy bought be from a breeder in early April of 99. I've been with my mommy since I was 51/2 weeks old. (This was before we knew it was bad to take them so early)
The next post you will see is of my stupid sister so you don't have to read it because she doesn't count. Just me I'm the only one who matters.
Nadya Snow- White

Bring Blue- Home!!!
Barked: Sun Jun 10, '07 4:36pm PST 
Don't listen to that mean dog above me. She only cares about herself.
My name is Nadya Snow White. You can call me Nadya or Noti (naughty) I'll answer to both. I was born on June 14, 06. Yep that's right I'll be 1 in 4 days!!! My mommy got me from a breeder in August. Mom had tried to adopt a husky/shepard mix the week before but that doggy was mean to my sister Sasha and my cousin Bailey. Mom gave Sasha and the other dog a week to get over themselves but the mean dog (well she was mom don't tell me to be nice) tried to attack Sasha so mom had to take her back. The very same day mom came to get me!!
So that's my story and I'm sticking to it like husky hair sticks to black. And don't listen to my sister Sasha, she thinks she is so cool.shh

Captain(not- mine- anymore)

Born to Run
Barked: Sun Jun 10, '07 7:01pm PST 
My name is Captain and I am one of 7(for now) dogs of Fun on the Run Kennel in Palmer Alaska. We will be getting 7 more dogs sometime in the next week or so. Some of us are sled dogs and we will be running the Junior Iditarod and Junior Yukon Quest this next winter. Our owner is the president of little su 4h club. nice to meet you!
Moriah Rayne

Look deep into- my eyes
Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 11:17am PST 

My name is Moriah Rayne. I own a human named Jen and her whole family wink

I was born on January 30, 2006 in Madill, Oklahoma. Jen found me on the internet and got me when I was 6 weeks old. I have been spoiled ever since.

Yesterday June 10th, another Sibe named Juneau came to live with us. He is black and white and kind of bossy. When I first seen him I was so excited that I would not leave him alone! We are getting to know each other pretty well.

See ya,

Moriah Rayne

Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 11:22am PST 
Hello everyone,

My name is Juneau. Yesterday I was adopted by a human named Jen and her family. I am a rescue from Homes for Huskies, Inc. in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. I was taken very good care of by a nice lady named Alicia. My pen mate's name was Poco and I miss him. Now I have someone to forever play with, Moriah Rayne. She is a lot smaller than me but she is fun. She thinks I am bossy but I really keep an eye out for her. I think we will be great for each other.

I am a big boy, mom guesses around 60 pounds. I go for my first check up with the vet on Wednesday. I will post my stats then.

Lots of tummy rubs,

Sarge - (1996-2006)

Snow Dog!
Barked: Tue Jun 19, '07 8:07pm PST 
Hello everyone,

My name is Sarge I was born on May 7th 1996 and I died on December 29 2006.

I was about 10 when I went to the bridge.
I loved to play in the water and the snow I also loved to play fetch with a tennis ball with my Mommy.

Howls & Kisses
Anara Rose

What if you can,- then so can I.
Barked: Tue Jul 3, '07 12:03pm PST 
My name is Anara Rose McKay. I was born on September 1 2005 in West Virginia, by a bad breeder. I know have a great family after a couple of tries. I am scared of strangers and I don't like cats. Small dogs are fine though. I love my volleyball, or any ball for that matter. I love to woo woo with the ball in my mouth.

I am the youngest of three girls and the only husky. I am Daddy's girl and spoiled rotten. I love to destroy toys and dig as much as I can.

I hear the treat jar so gotta go do a trick.

Bye and nice to meet you all!!!
Nara Bug
♥Dakota Rose♥

You know you- love me!
Barked: Thu Jul 26, '07 11:10am PST 
Woo-Woooh all!way to go
My name is Dakota Rose and I was born on November 9, 2000. I own a wonderful human woman and have been with her since I was 6 weeks old. She just got married so now I officially have a human dad! I also have a kitty sister and she's pretty cool. We enjoy chasing each other around the house, but sometimes I have to bark at her to get her off of my dog bedsnoopy
We've been trying to get me a brother for some time now. Mom wanted to adopt but all agencies she has talked to require a fenced-in yard which we don't have because we rent our house. So Mom decided to take the leap and buy from a breeder so we can have the puppy in time for my dad's birthday. She says she feels selfish buying from a breeder, but at the same time is super excited for my brother to come at the end of August!
We will build a house within the next year and put in a huge fenced yard. When that happens, Momma says I can have all kinds of brothers and sisters!
Alright, enough babbling from me! Have a woooonderful day!

Lily - Woo woo woo woo- woo woo woo!!!
Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 8:24pm PST 
Howlooooo all!
My name is Lily. I was born March 3, 2001. I am a red and white Husky girl with big blue eyes. I live with my mommy, daddy and a brat Jack-a-bea (JRT/Beagle mix) brother name Roscoe. I am my mommy's shadow and never leave her side. I love squeaky toys, woo wooing, cheese and digging. I am a tiny girl and only weight about 34 lbs. I have a pink and liver "snow nose" with a beauty mark. I love to give my mommy "sweet kisses" and "mean kisses". My sweet kisses are just that, very sweet, but my mean kisses I nibble mommy's chin! I know the difference too!!! Mommy says I am the most beautiful, sweet spirited Husky in all the world. Nice to meet all of you! dancing
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