Short Hair or Long Hair


"The Puppies Are- Here!"
Barked: Mon May 28, '07 7:53am PST 
Some shih tzu's look like mops and others short hair. Short hair looks more like a puppy and long hair makes them look older. What do you think?

"The Puppies Are- Here!"
Barked: Mon May 28, '07 9:17am PST 
I think short hair is better because you could trip over your long tail?
Harrison My- Angel- forever

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Barked: Sat Jun 16, '07 4:35pm PST 
I like my long hair..and I dont think that I look my 9 years!cheer

Hugs Harrison

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Barked: Sun Jul 1, '07 12:15am PST 
I'm a puppy so I'm waiting to decided!snoopy
Honey AKA- Sissy

Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 10:55am PST 
I like short hair on my shih-tzus, their easier to manage and dont tangle and you are absolutely right, they look more like a puppy

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Barked: Tue Mar 18, '08 2:48pm PST 
I love the way the long hair looks, but I can't take care of it (I've tried). I love a little topknot, but mine are usually trimmed short.

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Barked: Sat Jul 26, '08 8:11pm PST 
I like to kep the "puppy look" because my dog is a boy and i dopnt think he would look so good in a topknot.Plus i couldnt handle all that brushing!


Barked: Sun Jul 26, '09 10:29am PST 
mom thought she was going to keep my hair med length at least but i told her in my way no way i'm going to look like a sissy.the main promblem with my hair is i'm a mix 1/2 shih tzu and 1/2 poodle so i have a thick double coat of shih tzu and also the thickness and curlyness of a poodle so it way too hot for me and i start scatching when it starts getting too long.

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Barked: Sat Sep 25, '10 4:44am PST 
I like the puppy cut not too short or to long, mum has tried the long look but it's too much work.