Does everyone call you a Chihuahua?

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Barked: Fri May 25, '07 5:13pm PST 
I go most everywhere with Mom in the car. When Mom gets out to go in stores and people see me in the car, they always ask if I am a Chihuahua! thinking We've got nothing against Chihuahuas, we think they are cute. But I'm a TFT and proud of it!! Does this ever happen to anyone else? Mom and I would love to hear.

It's Mine!!
Barked: Mon May 28, '07 9:18pm PST 
ok, this is ironic. I read this post this morning, and thought, no one has ever called Foxi a chihuahua. Then this afternoon we went to the dog park for the first time, and a man walking by with his two kids said "Look at the little dog, it's like a big chihuahua." !!!!

Summer Fun Is- Here
Barked: Wed May 30, '07 6:03pm PST 
That's funny, Foxi! We always have to set them straight. shrug

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Little Big Man
Barked: Fri Jun 1, '07 4:11am PST 
Yes, Lucky's been identified (by others) as a chihuahua. It was funny that (2) vets and a specialist thought that he was a chihuahua, also. When I got him from an adoption group, years ago, I hadn't heard of the breed, Toy Fox Terriers. But, there is a difference in the muzzles/faces of the two breeds. Do you think that their temperments are similar? I find Lucky to be very sweet at times and snippy at other times and always demanding.

Summer Fun Is- Here
Barked: Mon Jun 4, '07 9:13am PST 
Roxy can be snippy around strangers that get close to me. But on the whole she's very friendly. She definitly is demanding! When she wants attention, like when I'm on the phone, she will sit up on her hind legs and bark at me.

I've never been around any chis enough to know really what their personalities are like. But they are certainly popular!
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Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 9:46pm PST 
Oh My! I cracked up when I saw this. Everybody calls me and my siblings Chihuahua's. My sister Tinkerbell has even been asked if she was a Doberman Pincher!!! Not a minature one either. Thats when my Mom popped up and said "No, shes a Lab". LOL!!!!!!
Proud to be a TFT!!!
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Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 3:50pm PST 
Sam has been called a chi several times but rat terrier more than a chi. My vet called him a rat terrier. They are rare b/c I hadn't heard of them either until I did some reasearch and found my precious pup. Recently someone else posted the same question, so I think it is prevalent.
I have seen some sweet chis and some not so sweet chis but that is the extent of my experience. I have been around a kennel of 13 TFTs and they all seemed sweet and lovable. Sam does not nip at people when they get close to me like my yorkie. He is very independent but knows where to go when he needs a lap to lay in. He is an awesome pet. I love the breed and can't say enough about them.

Summer Fun Is- Here
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 2:17pm PST 
A Doberman?! People are nuts big laugh I was at Petco yesterday. I had on a T shirt that said "My Toy Fox Terrier Rocks" big as day. Roxy was sitting in the cart, checking everything out. ( She loves to ride in the carts at Petco) This woman is looking at little dog clothes right next to me. We carrried on a conversation. She had to see my shirt. Then she says," Your chi is so well behaved. My Poodle would never sit in the cart like that." I just pointed to my shirt and said, "Thanks, but she's a TFT". She said, "Oh no. I've seen TFT before. They don't look anything like that." eek What do you say?! shrug

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Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 8:15pm PST 
Daisy's mom is a Toy Fox Terrier and her dad was a Rat Terrier. She is only about 5 lbs. now and was the smallest in her litter. I am asked all the time if she is a Chihuahua. Every once in a while I'll get asked if she is a miniature pincher.
Daisy is very sweet, lovable and sensitive although she has no problem letting me know what she wants. My mom has 3 Chihuahua's and one of them is a male. She has no problem holding her own in a play fight and they wouldn't dare touch one of her favorite toys!
She can out jump any of the other dogs. She started jumping on furniture since she been about 9-10 weeks. She's the only one that can jump on the big bed!
She gets chilly easily so she loves her sweater on cold days and loves cuddling in my pillowcase at night.

Mommy's Little- Girl
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '07 10:16am PST 
I have been called a Chihuahaua By my own MOM! When she first ssaw me!BOL
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