Kip Dangerous???


I'm a Maniac!
Barked: Mon May 21, '07 12:40pm PST 
My mommy is so upset right now. Here is the story.......

Friday night my mom and 7 of her girlfriends were out on the driveway getting ready for a garage sale. Joy and I were outside with them playing in our yard! A little boy came rollerblading down the street. He slipped and fell on his butt in front of our driveway. Joy and I went over to see him, mom called us back and we came back. Mom asked the little boy if he was ok. The little boy stated that he was fine, and that he had cut his hand and head tons of times and that this was nothing. Mommy said ok, and the little boy was on his way. (This was about 4:00 and the sun was still out)

3 hours later mom and all her girlfriends were still out on the driveway, and Joy and I are already inside getting ready for bed. That is when a Community Service Officer came up the driveway asking my mom if she owned a brown dog. My mom stated no she did not. She told the man that she had 2 dogs but none were brown. He asked her if she had a lab, she again stated that no she did not. The man asked to see us. Mom came inside and got Joy and I and we went outside to greet the man. He pointed at Kip and said this was the dog that this little boy is now claiming bit him!!! (on the butt of all places)

Mom was floored. She gave the man Kip's tags saying he was up to date on his rabies vac, and that Kip is licensed in the city. The Officer went back to his car, and mom is upset because that is NOT what happend.

The man came back from his car, and said he needed pictures of Kip. Mom told him that he would have to come inside to do it. Mom had me come downstairs. She told me to sit, and I listened. The man noticed I was a very good boy. He took my pictures, and mom talked to him.

I am grounded for 10 days (quarentine) They are going to have someone come out on day 5 and day 10 to make sure I am not foaming at the mouth or chasing my tail! (I don't have a tail.) Mom is very upset because this little boy lied for one, and for two he told the police man that a brown dog bit him!

She has 7 adult witnesses saying Kip did nothing wrong, but one little boy that says he did.

Mom is going to go to the police station tonight, and get a copy of the report and the pictures, but she doesn't know what to do. Can anyone give me some guidence. My mom is scared. I am not a mean boy!!!!