Pit Bulls In The News


Bailey -
Barked: Sun May 13, '07 9:17pm PST 
I think all the extra attension Pit Bulls get in the news is total BS! If it were any other breed the story would never have been aired or printed!! One of my friends works for the akron beacon journal, and she told me that they got a call from this lady that said she got attacked by a dog and when they asked her what kind of dog she told them a dalmation.....no one came to her house..no one called her back.....no one gave a crap. then 2 days later the same lady called back and she changed her story saying it was a PIT BULL that attacked her....
Geuss what?!!.....within a half an hour 3 T.V. stations were in her drive way.
NOTHING...NOTHING! pisses me off more then all the bad press that these AMAZING dogs get!
These dogs use to be "America's Dog". They were a symbol of American Pride! They Were on posters lining the streets......Now...There are posters lining the streets.....but the posters now have a differant meaning now....

Bring Back America's Favorite Dog! Be A Pit Bull Ambasador! Take care of your dog! Train Your Dog! Love Your Dog! Take Pride in you dog! Remind the world that these are good dogs once more!