Greyhound Abuse Images on Photobucket


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Barked: Sat Apr 28, '07 4:31pm PST 
Hi Friends,

Many of you who have reported these despicable images on photobucket have or will receive the following message -

The images were posted by a user from Canada. And although it is offensive to many, we will not be removing the images. In Canada there is no law against selling and serving canine meat. It is however illegal to gut the dog without federal inspectors. Since these images do not show the act of this, that it is already skinned and gutted, we cannot remove the images. Many countries eat dog, and the images are from an area in Canada where it is rare, but still done.


Your Photobucket Support Team

This response leaves me speechless and I'm not sure where we proceed from here. Even if this practice is legal in Canada why should the rest of the world have to see these images? Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can put more pressure on photobucket to remove them.

Maggie x
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Barked: Thu May 31, '07 4:55pm PST 
Just keep bugging them!