1st hair cut!

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Barked: Fri Apr 27, '07 11:38am PST 
snoopyWoof to any terriers out there!

I am due for my first haircut and I was wanting to know if any of your hair on the underside is real short and knappy? mommys welsh terrier did not have such knappy hair. I know we are supposed to have wirey hair but mine is really different from mommys first terrier. the top of me is really soft and fine but on my underside it is really short and knappy. I guess I should just leave my underside alone until it gets longer. My doggy parents looked all one length. I sure hope I look good when they are done.puppy
I still have a week or so until mommy takes me in...Please help me....
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Barked: Fri Apr 27, '07 8:40pm PST 
I got my first hair cut last month. They trimmed under my tummy, that is when the 9 year old hooman thaught I had bubbles. HE HE, but no laughing now because soon after that dad had me "fixed" and now no more bubbles.
My hair is fairly soft for an Airedale
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Barked: Tue May 22, '07 2:30pm PST 
Woof Maximus!
Well as you can see, I got my first haircut and it was terrifying. I did everything to get away. I tried biting the lady etc....What happened was the groomer was trying to brush out all my puppy MATTS and I did not like that. My underneath is horrible, with lots of matts close to my skin. She did not want to stress me even more so she stopped. Now I will not even let mommy brush me. I used to be pretty good with it.cry
Now I guess on thursday, mommy is going to take me to a different groomer who RANGER (welshie used to go to). This groomer and others from DOGSTER suggested that I get shaved completely down and start fresh. If they dont get rid of puppy matts they will just get worse. I am not looking forward to looking like a skinned rat but I guess I am going to have to. The are also going tosedate me....I will be singing "purple HAZE" for a couple of hours while they get this all done. groomer thought this would be the best since I was tramtized so bad on the first one.
Wish me luck on thursday!wishes


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I'm sorry you had a bad first time at the groomers. My groomer always looks me over and talks with my mommy about my mats, if I have any before she leaves. If they are too close to my skin she is never to shy about asking if I can be shaved down instead of a brush out. She always makes sure that I have a pleasant stay while I am there. I hope your next groomer is as good as mine!