HELP! I need to potty train!

Soda Pop

me pay attention- to me!
Barked: Thu Apr 26, '07 8:10am PST 
Soda Pop has a mind of his own!!!! It wasnt too much of an issue back home but now that he'll be moving into my appartment with me in TN I need to seriously potty train from scratch!!!! Any advice or anything?!?!!shock
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Barked: Tue Sep 9, '08 4:01pm PST 
well with my pup wwe basically set a potty training pad in the bathroom and after he woke up from a nap or finished eating we encouraged him to go into the bathroom and close the door and have him use the bathroom. we usually just stood in there until he used it and it doesnt take that long. just have to have patience ! happy dance