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Here is a link to an all around dog hater:


Before you pass judgement on solely pitbulls please read this fact:

The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family’s Pomeranian dog. The average weight of a Pomeranian is about 4 pounds, and they are not thought of as a dangerous breed. Note, however, that they were bred to be watchdogs! The baby’s uncle left the infant and the dog on a bed while the uncle prepared her bottle in the kitchen. Upon his return, the dog was mauling the baby, who died shortly afterwards. (”Baby Girl Killed by Family Dog,” Los Angeles Times, Monday, October 9, 2000, Home Edition, Metro Section, Page B-5.)

Mixed breeds and not pure bred dogs are the type of dog most often involved in inflicting bites to people. The pure-bred dogs most often involved are German shepherds and Chow chows. (Dog Bite Statistics from: Texas, 1997, 1998; Australia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, State of Nevada)

Canines not spayed or neutered are three times more likely to bite than sterilized ones. (Dog Bite Statistics from: Texas, 1997, 1998; Australia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, State of Nevada)

It is not just pitbulls, never has been. All breeds of dogs, as well as any animal, have the ability to attack. This is NOT breed specific.

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I have a friend that has a HUGE sticker on the side windowS of his pick-up.

"Hate the DEED, NOT the breed"

I think that sums it up nicely.

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My "Daddy and I are trying really hard to be good ambasidors. "Daddy" is constantly telling people"She is a American staffordshire terrior NOT a pit." and then he goes on to explain the differances as he understand them.


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We try to educate people all the time about how they differ- they just scratch their heads, & say; "so it's a 'type' of pitbull"? Argh! shrug You can't fix stupid... Staffy's deserve RESPECT!